New Hope Community Church

Steve & Linda Lucero

Have a heart dedicated to reaching the Deaf Community for Christ.

Service TImes




those in need

Find your inner power by helping others

Get Plugged in!

Charlie Corum

Has a call to outreach our community through different programs.

We welcome you to join us for a Sunday worship service! We are a multi-ethnic group with a wide age-range who will genuinely welcome you yet not pressure you. Come just as you are.

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New Hope Community Church, located in El Monte, Southern California, is a church for all people, and it is our mission to know Christ fully and lead ordinary people to an extraordinary life in Christ.


Bible Study

For all ages @ 9AM, Bldg. C

Estudio Biblico en EspaƱol @ 9AM, Bldg. C

Worship Service 

Thai @ 8AM, Bldg. A

English/ASL @ 10:30AM, Bldg. A (NHCC)

Chinese @ 10:30AM, Bldg. B
Spanish @ 12:30PM, Bldg. A

Middle Eastern @ 6PM, Bldg. C


Prayer Time @ 9AM, Bldg. C

Bible Study @ 7PM, Bldg. C

Deaf Faith Ministry @ 6PM, Bldg. C


Bible Study @ 10AM (call office for more information)

Bible Study @ 7PM (call office for more information)

We are a church for all people and it is our mission to know Christ fully and lead ordinary people to extraordinary life in Christ!

Our Mission


for peace

A church for all people

Gil & Eva De La Rosa

Love helping people discover who God created them to be and guide and equip them to find how God wired them.

At New Hope, we believe in community. We were designed to have a relationship with Him and to have a relationship with others. For this reason, community-based life groups are a part of New Hope Community Church.


Are You Looking For Hope?

Timothy Samford

Have a servant and loving spirit to fulfill God's call in his life.